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DPP Capacity for Pharmacist Independent Prescriber Trainees


DPP Capacity for Pharmacist Independent Prescriber Trainees

17 Oct 2022
DPP Capacity for Pharmacist Independent Prescriber Trainees
In 2021, the GPhC took the decision that, from 2025, all trainee pharmacists will compulsorily undergo 90 hours of formal, supervised prescriber training during their foundation year in practice. Consequently, they will automatically gain prescriber accreditation on initial registration as a pharmacist. This aspect of training will be overseen by a “Designated Prescribing Practitioner” (DPP), a prescriber with responsibility for ensuring supervision of their trainee’s prescribing practice and for formally approving annotation to prescribe independently at the conclusion of the foundation year. A significant lack of DPPs is perceived to be a key challenge in successfully implementing this new approach. In his presentation, Tom explores this issue and presents the work he is doing to identify the enablers and blockers to releasing further DPP capacity in the south west of England. Tom will present any results he has and some reflections on his fellowship journey to date.
Tom Wareing, Clinical Fellow - HEE Pharmacy South

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