13-14 OCTOBER 2024


Improving your consultation skills: A practical scenario-based session

16 Oct 2023
The Practical, Clinical, and Consultation Forum

Introducing Meducate Academy Ltd: Pioneering Excellence Since 2018

Inaugurated in 2018, Meducate Academy Ltd was established with a singular mission: to meet the increasing demand for proficient patient advocates, specifically in the roles of Associate Clinical Educators and medical role players. These crucial roles are instrumental in providing high-fidelity simulation training to both aspiring healthcare undergraduates and postgraduates. Since our inception, our influence has expanded across numerous esteemed educational institutions, including:

• University of Birmingham (Pharmacy)
• University of Chester (Physician Associates)
• University of Wolverhampton (Physician Associates & Pharmacy)
• University of Newcastle (Physician Associates)
• University of Chester Shrewsbury Campus (Bio Med undergrads)
• Orthopathways (MSK training for GPs)
• FRCS (Equipping Registrars for qualification)
• Cliniskills (Pharmacy)

Exciting Workshops at The Pharmacy Show: Empowering Pharmacists
During The Pharmacy Show, we are delighted to host three engaging workshops, each spanning 45 to 60 minutes, on both event days. Our primary focus centres on addressing the prevalent challenges Pharmacists encounter when dealing with demanding patients.

  1. Introduction to Meducate Academy and Speakers: We will begin by acquainting participants with the Meducate Academy's purpose and a brief introduction to the speakers.
    2.    Unveiling the Art of Communication: Delve into the foundational aspects of effective communication within healthcare settings.
    3.    Establishing and Nurturing Rapport in Difficult Conversations: Explore the art of building and sustaining rapport while navigating challenging discussions.
    4.    Mastering Active Listening Techniques: Learn invaluable techniques for active listening, enhancing patient interactions.
    5.    Deciphering the Anatomy of a Poor Consultation (Scenario): Engage in a scenario-based exploration of elements that contribute to an unfavourable consultation.
    6.    Insights from Associate Clinical Educators and Participants: Benefit from insights shared by Associate Clinical Educators and fellow attendees.
    7.    Showcasing a Model Consultation: Witness a demonstration of a successful consultation that embodies best practices.
    8.    Interactive Question and Answer Session: An interactive opportunity to seek clarifications and engage with our experts.

Meducate Academy's workshops at The Pharmacy Show promise to empower Pharmacists with actionable skills and insights, enabling them to navigate challenging patient interactions effectively. Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to elevate your communication prowess and enrich patient care. Join us in our endeavour to transform healthcare interactions for the better.

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