13-14 OCTOBER 2024


Oral Health for Pharmacists

15 Oct 2023
Public Health & Wellbeing Theatre

Why is oral health education for pharmacists important?
Oral health concerns that commonly present in community pharmacy will be discussed. The evidence-based management for common oral complaints will be addressed. Examples that will be addressed include dental pain, gum disease, oral thrush, non-healing ulcers, toothbrushing advice and tooth-whitening products. Some less commonly presenting examples will be briefly covered such as trigeminal neuralgia and facial palsy.

Does research reflect an unmet need for formal oral health training for pharmacists?

The impact of oral health advice and its effect on an individual and national level.

Learning outcomes:

  • To understand the nature and management of commonly presenting oral health complaints in a community pharmacy setting
  • Why appropriate oral health advice has a larger effect on the patient, and society, and compounding factors
  • Addressing the unmet need for oral health education for pharmacists and how pharmacists can help their patients through oral health promotion
Ambica Bhambra, Dentist & Community Pharmacist - Newcastle-upon-Tyne NHS Trust


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