13-14 OCTOBER 2024


The opportunities available for pharmacy technicians post registration

16 Oct 2023
Primary Care Pharmacy Theatre

The presentation details training and development opportunities for pharmacy technicians to support improved team working with managers, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals. It highlights the importance of developing pharmacy technicians to support them in the diverse roles they are in, which are continually evolving to support patient care within their competence.

Learning outcomes:

  • Detailing an outline of the BTEC Level 4 Diploma in Clinical Pharmacy Services, and promoting the need for developing pharmacy technicians.
  • Gaining an appreciation of why managers should invest in post-registration pharmacy technician development?
  • Demonstrating a key example on the positive impact of pharmacy technician quality improvement projects in primary care.
  • Illustrating wider benefits of pharmacy technician development using student testimonials.
Saba Ahmed, Pharmacist, Joint Pharmacy Professional Development, Book Author & Associate Healthcare Management Lecturer - DHB Bradford College


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