13-14 OCTOBER 2024


Unmasking the Unseen: ADHD in Women, Hormones, and the Hidden Healthcare Crisis

16 Oct 2023
Clinical Theatre

Historically, ADHD has been widely researched and diagnosed among males, often leaving females underrepresented and misunderstood in this domain. This presentation seeks to unveil the unique manifestations of ADHD in women, exploring the intricacies of how hormones, genetics and differential symptoms play a pivotal role for these patients. We will discuss the challenges women with ADHD face such as misdiagnoses, inadequate treatment, subsequent healthcare challenges and more! By unmasking these unseen factors, we aim to bring light to this hidden healthcare crisis and offer insights into better diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.

Learning outcomes:

  • To understand the differences in ADHD symptom presentation between men and women
  • To recognise the issues with the current diagnostic criteria and treatment recommendations for ADHD and the implications this has on women
  • To understand the reasons behind frequent misdiagnoses of women with ADHD
  • To understand and appreciate the varied responses women have to ADHD medications, influenced by hormones, genetics, pharmacokinetics, and differential symptoms
  • To realise the importance of hormonal fluctuations in influencing ADHD symptom presentation and medication response
  • To acknowledge the need for gender-balanced clinical trials in ADHD
  • To recognise the potential influence of certain psychotropic medicines on ADHD symptoms
  • To understand the role of pharmacists in addressing these challenges and the strategies to mitigate them
Priyanka Patel, Advanced Mental Health Clinical Pharmacist and Teacher/Practitioner - Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust


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