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11 Jun 2024

Cutting-Edge Company Helps UK Pharmacies boost Their Online sales

Luda Partners
Cutting-Edge Company Helps UK Pharmacies boost Their Online sales

In today's ever-evolving digital landscape, local pharmacies must remain at the forefront of technological advancements to stay competitive. This is precisely where LUDA Partners, a Spanish start-up, steps in. Founded in 2017, the company has developed a win-win ecosystem that helps pharmacies increase their online sales through its expansive network of pharmaceutical companies, marketplaces, and quick commerce platforms, ensuring their success in an increasingly digital market.    

Recognizing the pressing need for pharmacies in the UK to embrace digitalisation, enhance their online sales, and connect with broader online pharmacy users, LUDA Partners has made the strategic decision to expand its operations to the UK market. With a firm belief in the transformative power of digitalisation, the company is dedicated to supporting local pharmacies in increasing online selling without the need for prior technical or digital knowledge

By joining their digital network, pharmacies can benefit from the extensive online presence and wide audience already established by their partners, facilitating seamless connections for online sales while keeping their traditional channel.  

The Digital Revolution in Pharmacies 

Digitalisation is no longer a mere option; it is a necessity for survival and growth in today’s competitive market and to avoid closure. LUDA Partners’ digital network offers a comprehensive opportunity to ensure local pharmacies stay ahead of competitors and grow their business by selling pharmacy products online easily.  

Furthermore, the convenience factor attracts new customers who may not have been aware of their services or products before. British pharmacies now can gain deeper insights into their customer’s needs and preferences from the online world and adapt their offerings.   

LUDA Partners understands the unique challenges and opportunities that pharmacies face in the UK. The company empowers local pharmacies with broader support through strategic collaborations. Central to LUDA Partners' expansion plan is its partnership with Just Eat, an online delivery platform boasting 19 million customers in the UK. Launching a new vertical for pharmacy products, customers can now conveniently access a wide range of categories such as first aid, baby food, sexual health items, hygiene products, cosmetics, and other products. And have them delivered within 30 minutes. 

How LUDA Partners supports local pharmacies: 

  • Online Sales for OTC Products: This advantage allows British pharmacies to compete more effectively with major online retailers and potentially increase average order value. 

  • Expanded Reach and Visibility: Pharmacies gain access to 19 million customers across the UK, significantly enhancing their online visibility. 

  • Increased Revenue: The average monthly billing through this new channel is £ 2,700, providing a boost to overall revenue. 

  • Effortless Setup: The digital network integrates seamlessly into existing pharmacy operations, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition to online sales without prior digital knowledge. 

  • No Fixed or Installation Cost: LUDA takes care of the logistics. It has a dedicated team ready to assist pharmacies in transitioning to online sales. How LUDA Partners Supports Pharmacies 

LUDA Partners’ expansion into the UK market marks a significant milestone for the company. The UK’s dynamic pharmaceutical sector presents unique opportunities and challenges, and LUDA Partners is well-equipped to address them. By bringing its extensive digital network to the UK, LUDA Partners aims to help British pharmacies navigate into digitalisation and boost their online sales. 

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