13-14 OCTOBER 2024

09 Apr 2024

The future for pharmacy

The future for pharmacy

One is a cuddly national treasure, one is a panda-eyed US reality TV star. One of them can’t stop vomiting, the other looks like he needs a good night’s sleep. Both reportedly as a result of using semaglutide to shape up. 

Regardless of your thoughts on these latest celebrity adventures with Ozempic, what it shows beyond doubt is that all human life comes into contact with a pharmacist at some point, for all sorts of reasons. Which also means if you are a pharmacist, you probably have some interesting stories to tell. 

‘Interesting’ is actually a tame word for some of the stories that pharmacists told our annual Salary Survey this year. 

The Salary Survey canvasses opinion from across the industry, asking thousands of pharmacy workers, of all roles and ages, about their average working day. 

There wasn’t anything average about their responses, some strong headlines were generated from the results, covering everything from archaic gender pay gaps to tales of woe and despair. 

We will be discussing some of those findings, and what they mean for anyone considering a career in pharmacy, at the Pharmacy Show itself on 13 and 14 October. 

But even though there is some grim news out there, we won’t be forgetting that this is a transformative time for the industry. As well as the obvious challenges ahead, there are lots of positives and lots of potential for pharmacy to become more profitable.  

New pathways will open up as the ability to offer new services sees pharmacy operators develop new revenue streams. The constantly evolving digital space offers new opportunities for a new breed of entrepreneur. There are many reasons this is an exciting, fast paced and constantly evolving time to be involved for anyone working in pharmacy, or anyone considering it as a career.  

And it’s why events like the Pharmacy Show are an integral part of the professional development of anyone working in this industry. There is no better place to get up to speed on the latest developments or meet the most interesting people. 

It’s why C+D is proud to be there, as we have done for so many years, bringing with us a heritage that stretches back 165 years to 1859. 

And it’s why we will see you in 2024. To talk about the future. 

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