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04 Jul 2024

Heliocare 360°: Dermatological sun protection for everyone, for every day

Ferndale Pharmaceuticals Stand: B61
Heliocare 360°: Dermatological sun protection for everyone, for every day

Developed by Cantabria Labs, a globally renowned dermatology company known for its innovation and research, Heliocare 360° is a daily sunscreen range that is highly recommended by skin professionals and dermatologists across the globe due to its unparalleled daily sun protection and skin health benefits that ensure nothing protects skin like Heliocare 360°.

Why does nothing protect skin like Heliocare 360°?

Heliocare 360° sunscreens provide high-level, broad-spectrum protection with an SPF of over 50 for UVB protection and a PA++++ rating for UVA protection. Its defence against UVA and UVB is bolstered by the powerful and unique Fernblock® antioxidant technology which has been clinically proven to also defend against visible light, infrared-A and environmental free-radicals for full-spectrum protection and free-radical defence.

Fernblock® Technology is integrated into every Heliocare 360° topical sunscreen formulation and is also available in supplement form for enhanced daylight protection, on the outside and from within. Fernblock® supplements contain high levels of Fernblock+® and other skin-boosting ingredients, helping to bolster the skin’s defences against free radical damage and manage sun-sensitive skin conditions like Polymorphic Light Eruption.

Fernblock® Technology Explained

Fernblock® is the exclusive ingredient in Heliocare that takes Heliocare’s sun protection capabilities beyond typical sunscreens. It’s a patented extract of the tropical fern Polypodium Lecatomous with a unique blend of polyphenols proven to help protect and repair damage caused by daylight. It has over 80 published clinical papers supporting its efficacy, and demonstrating its many benefits to skin health including its ability to:

  • Protect skin against damage caused by daylight; UVA, UVB, Visible Light, Infrared-A1,2,3
  • Prevent collagen breakdown2
  • Protect and repairs skin cell DNA4
  • Prevent light-induced pigmentation5
  • Protect the skin’s immune system5
  • Improve the efficacy of SPF filters by up to 14%6

A product for everyone, for everyday

Dermatologically tested and non-comedogenic, the Heliocare 360° daily sunscreen range has been specifically formulated for everyday use to help protect skin health and prevent premature skin ageing.

With products suitable for all skin types, with various coverage levels and finishes, as well as unique formulations designed to help prevent and reduce the signs and symptoms of key skin concerns, there’s something for everyone, with skin supplements for additional inside out protection. Its wide offering also provides a selection of products specifically formulated for the body and a paediatrics range for babies and children from 6 months old so the whole family can have the very best daily defence against harmful UV rays.

About Cantabria Labs and other skincare ranges

Cantabria Labs is a Spanish pharmaceutical and dermatology company that specialises in the development, production, and marketing of dermatological, nutritional, and cosmetic products. Founded in 1989, Cantabria Labs has since grown significantly and expanded its international presence through a strong focus on innovation and research. Headquartered in Cantabria, Spain, the company has a global reach with subsidiaries and distributors worldwide.

Ferndale Pharma are the official UK stockists of Cantabria Labs’ dermocosmetic skincare ranges including Heliocare 360° and will be present at the upcoming Pharmacy Show 2024 showcasing Heliocare 360° and other dermatological skincare ranges from Cantabria Labs including:

  • Biretix – a holistic skincare portfolio specifically formulated for oily and spot-prone skin
  • Endocare – a dermocosmetic anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation range
  • Neoretin – a capsule range of active de-pigmentation solutions
  • Skin Resist – a NEW skincare range specifically formulated for sensitive and reactive skin (a Pharmacy Show 2024 pre-launch exclusive!)

To enquire about becoming a stockist of for more information about Heliocare 360° or any other ranges, visit us at stand B61 a the Pharmacy Show 2024 or contact Ferndale Pharma at

References: 1. González S, et al. Photodermatol Photoimmunol Photomed,1996,12(2):45-56 996 Apr;12(2):45-56. 2. González S, Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2018. Aug1;19(8):2250. 3. Amini S, et al. J Am Acad Dermatol. 2010 Mar;62(3):511-3. 4. Maritza A, et al. J. Am Acad Derm, 2004. 51(6):910-8. 5. Alonso-Lebrero JL, Photochem Photobiol B. 2003 Apr;70(1):31-7. 6. Aguilera J,et al. Front Med (Lausanne). 2021 Jun 2;8:684665.

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