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How to Improve the Supply Chain in Pharmaceutical Logistics

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How to Improve the Supply Chain in Pharmaceutical Logistics
Discover how to improve productivity, safety, and traceability in your pharmaceutical supply chain with solutions from

How to Improve the Supply Chain in Pharmaceutical Logistics

Pharmaceutical logistics constantly faces challenges that affect the efficiency and accuracy of delivering essential products. Companies in this sector are continually seeking solutions to optimize their supply chains, ensuring that medications and other pharmaceutical products reach their destinations correctly.

The Complexity of Pharmaceutical Logistics

Logistics in the pharmaceutical industry is one of the most complex and demanding. Pharmaceutical products require specific storage and transportation conditions to maintain their integrity and effectiveness. Any deviation in temperature, humidity, or handling can result in product loss, impacting patient health and incurring additional costs for companies. Additionally, traceability and regulatory compliance (GxP) are crucial. Companies must be able to track every step of the logistics process to meet regulations and ensure product delivery and quality. This level of detail requires systems capable of handling large volumes of data and providing real-time information.

What Are the Consequences of an Inefficient Supply Chain?

Inefficiency in the supply chain can lead to significant delays, product losses, and customer dissatisfaction, reflected in an increased number of complaints and costs, both material for product replacement and personnel to handle these complaints. These disruptions in the pharmaceutical supply chain can cost companies millions of pounds annually in products and managing an insufficient supply chain, potentially adding hefty fines for regulatory non-compliance.

The Neptune System by Torsa

The Neptune system by Torsa presents itself as a solution to these challenges. Neptune is a comprehensive platform that uses advanced technology to improve productivity, safety, and traceability in the supply chain. This way, companies can optimize costs and improve efficiency thanks to an exhaustive analysis of the data provided by the system.

With Neptune Integration, You Can Reduce Incidents in These Processes by Over 70%

Neptune provides a simple and cost-effective claims management tool that not only significantly reduces claims and incidents in order preparation but also contributes to improving the customer’s perceived image. Additionally, thanks to the .torsacloud business intelligence platform, all necessary tools for managing the information collected by Neptune are available: search by order, by item, bucket, order breakdown, etc. This data collection helps companies make decisions to increase productivity and reduce costs.

The Neptune system by Torsa positions itself as a key solution for improving the supply chain in pharmaceutical logistics. By offering real-time monitoring, complete traceability, process optimization, and full integration with ERP and WMS systems like SAP, Neptune addresses the challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry. Implementing Neptune not only improves efficiency and reduces costs but also ensures that pharmaceutical products arrive safely and correctly at their destination.

In a sector where every detail counts, having an advanced solution like Neptune can make the difference between success and failure. Pharmaceutical logistics companies that adopt this technology will be better prepared to face future challenges and optimize reverse logistics in the distribution of medications.

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