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09 Apr 2024

Jude Bladder Healthcare as seen on Dragon’s Den in March 24

Jude Bladder Healthcare
Jude Bladder Healthcare as seen on Dragon’s Den in March 24

Jude is a women’s health brand on a mission to bring bladder care into the mainstream.  

Stuff no one talks about is all Jude talks about. Unapologetic, bold yet considered, Jude believes bladder issues aren’t what people need to put up with.  

The truth is, this silent epidemic is hidden to no one’s fault, or is it? The normalising of incontinence pads by the big guys has kept treatment far away from women who really need it. The intersection of sexism and ageism has locked this taboo away, preventing anyone from breaking it.    

But let’s remind ourselves, 2.3 billion people globally suffer from poor bladder health. 1 in 3 women are caught short in the UK every single day.  

This is why Jude was born.  

Jude has built a treatment category for bladder incontinence. We developed a clinically tested dietary supplement plan that reduces leaks by 66% and relieves the “gotta-go” moments. Loved by 35,000 women in the UK, sworn by Liz Earle and supported by UK leading urologists and gynaecologists.  

In plain terms, ladies can get reduce their reliance on pads, for good in 90 days and can build up good long-term health with Jude.  

Jude also developed handy accessories like our leak-proof pants and our hypoallergenic plant-based liners. 


The woman behind Jude

Peony, founder of Jude, suffered from a UTI that lasted for 10 years. From the age of 14 to 24, leaks, toilet runs, and pain was her day-to-day life. She was deemed too young to fit the stereotype of having bladder problems. Defying stereotypes, she taught herself the right peeing etiquette, used her pee colour to predict her next flare-up, and adjusted her diet and lifestyle. She finally got rid of her bladder issues for good. Her passion for women’s health has sparked the journey of building Jude. 

Jude has recently launched with Boots, Well Pharmacy and QVC and performance since Jude’s appearance on Dragon’s Den has skyrocketed.  

Visit Jude at and contact for sales information.

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