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24 Jun 2024

Latest Hub and Spoke Technology Saves Pharmacists Over Four Hours Per Day

Centred Solutions Ltd Stand: B30
Shelley Dyer, Centred Solutions
Latest Hub and Spoke Technology Saves Pharmacists Over Four Hours Per Day
Centred Solutions FLOWRx Auto Hub labeller
From January 2025, all pharmacies will have the opportunity to deliver dispensing through a hub and spoke model.

An increasing number of UK pharmacies are already using Centred Solutions hub and spoke technology to streamline the process of original pack dispensing for repeat prescriptions.

The decision to amend hub and spoke legislation so it can take place between different legal entities will mean it is easier for even more pharmacies to look at the most efficient and cost-effective way of automating their original pack dispensing process for repeat prescriptions.

“There is a misconception that only one model of hub and spoke exists. That’s the model of a huge central hub, which is incredibly expensive to set up. The reality is this could not be further from the truth. There is already a whole host of options available for pharmacies of all sizes with the number of solutions only set to grow further in light of the new legislation changes,” explained Louise Laban, Sales and Marketing Director at Centred Solutions.

“We’ll be showcasing this our solutions at this year’s Pharmacy Show and we would urge pharmacists to visit us at stand B30 to learn more about this technology which is affordable, scalable and a realistic option for pharmacies of all sizes.”

“Automating original pack dispensing is going to be crucial for pharmacies who desperately need to free up time to deliver services like Pharmacy First, with consultation thresholds now increasing rapidly. Our advice to pharmacies who are not considering automating their original pack dispensing process would be to act now and start looking at your options. Starting the conversation today will ensure pharmacy are one step ahead when these changes come into force in January 2025.”

Making the move to hub and spoke could half dispensing volumes in store. Centred Solutions customers have been able to move as much as 50% of their entire dispensing process out of branch so it can be done at one central location. This is saving an average of over four hours of pharmacist time per store, as well as saving time for dispensers and checking technicians. As a result the pharmacy businesses that have taken this approach not only have plenty of time to deliver Pharmacy First consultations, they’ve also had time to introduce private or locally commissioned services too.

What is FLOWRx?

The FLOWRx hub and spoke solution is a scaled down version of the traditional fully automated pack to patient central fill model. It allows pharmacies to start small and then scale up if required as their business grows. The FLOWRx software fully integrates the prescription process with the supply chain, enabling the delivery of bagged and labelled patient medication to pharmacy spokes. Seamless integration with warehouse management systems allow for efficient inventory management, reordering and tracking and direct connection to PMR systems ensure accurate patient information and order tracking.

Pharmacies can start with a manual hub which will streamline the dispensing process through barcode scanning, RFID tracking and sort-to-light shelving which reduces errors and improves efficiency. For those with larger volumes there is the FLOWRx auto hub which provides enhanced robotic labelling, sorting and packaging capabilities for even faster and safer medication processing and productivity. The FLOWRx Hub solution is connected to FLOWRx InStore which ensures pharmacy spokes have full visibility and control over patient orders as well as the ability to manage any exceptions.

Technology is undoubtedly an investment, but it is an investment that can secure the future of pharmacy. Pharmacists need to take calculated risks such as investing in this type of technology if they are to secure the future of their business. It’s also worth noting that financing options are available so payments can be spread over a period of time.

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