13-14 OCTOBER 2024

08 May 2024

Moving more for mental health! 

Pharmacist Support
Moving more for mental health! 

From 13 – 19 May, Pharmacist Support, the profession’s charity, is diving into Mental Health Awareness Week, which this year focuses on the theme of 'movement: moving more for our mental health.'  


As advocates for the wellbeing of our pharmacy family, we're excited to share how we can help you support yourself, your colleagues, and your pharmacy team.  

Throughout the week, we'll be providing a wealth of information and resources to bolster physical and mental wellbeing. Whether it's tips on incorporating exercise and healthy eating into your daily routine or stories from members of our pharmacy community, we've got you covered.  

 "Physical activity isn't just about improving our bodies; it's also a powerful tool for nurturing our mental health” said Wellbeing Development Manager, Melissa Cochrane. “During Mental Health Awareness Week, let's remember that movement isn't just about fitness – it's about taking care of our minds as well. By incorporating even small amounts of activity into our daily routines, we can boost mood, reduce stress, and enhance overall wellbeing."  

Supporting physical and mental health  

  • I Need Help Managing My Physical Health - Our website has many resources to support physical health. From advice on exercise and nutrition to guidance on sleep and disability, we're here to help you prioritise your physical wellbeing. Use these resources to kickstart conversations about health in your workplace and direct colleagues to support if needed.  

Visit our physical health pages   

  • Wellbeing Learning Platform – our Wellbeing Learning Platform is for individual wellbeing learning and training and is available to pharmacists, trainees and students. By signing up to the platform, you can access and follow a range of free online wellbeing workshops at a time that suits you.  In addition to workshops, you will also find a range of bite sized videos and other curated content covering topics such as the science behind being active, 10 minute workouts, connecting with others, dealing with stress, and responding to difficult events.   

Check out our Wellbeing learning Platform  

  • ACTNow campaigns - We know it can be difficult to find time to prioritise wellbeing, especially with the commitment and pressures that come with working and studying in pharmacy. In our dedication to support you, Pharmacist Support is proud to run our annual ACTNow wellbeing campaigns. ACTNow encourages individuals to:  

  • Allow time for wellbeing  

  • Consider the needs of others  

  • Take action.  

Our ACTNow campaigns are targeted to each of our key audiences; pharmacists, trainee pharmacists and student pharmacists, and run at different points of the year. By signing up to the relevant campaign for you, you’ll be making the first step, Taking action, to prioritising your wellbeing.   

Trainee ACTNow wellbeing campaign – our trainee ACTNow campaign kicks off May 20th and will provide dedicated resources and support for managing wellbeing in the lead up to the summer assessment and transition to registered pharmacist. We encourage all trainees to make a commitment to yourselves this MHAW and sign up to the campaign.   

Sign up to ACTNow now!  

The importance of movement at work  

With many of us spending long hours at our desks, it's crucial to prioritise movement throughout the day. Research shows that excessive sitting down is linked to a range of health issues, including cardiovascular disease and decreased cognitive function. By incorporating movement into our daily routines, we can mitigate these risks and boost overall wellbeing. Here in the office, we’ve been sharing simple exercises you can do to in your chair to help to keep your body moving and help reduce the risk of muscle or joint pain.  

Check out these desk-based exercises   

As we navigate Mental Health Awareness Week, let's commit to moving more for our mental health. Follow Pharmacist Support on social media for updates and join us in prioritising your mental and physical wellbeing today.  

Pharmacist Support is the profession’s independent charity for pharmacists and their families, former pharmacists, trainees and pharmacy students. Their free and confidential services include: information and enquiries, counselling and peer support, financial assistance, specialist advice in debt, benefits and employment law, the Wardley wellbeing service and addiction support. For further information visit, email or call 0808 168 2233.  

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