13-14 OCTOBER 2024

Rediair: Instant Air Filtration from the leaders in Infection Prevention

Rediair: Instant Air Filtration from the leaders in Infection Prevention

GAMA Healthcare, manufacturer of Clinell, the #1 disinfectant wipe in the NHS, have now launched Rediair, an instant air filtration unit that captures 99.995% of particles as small as 0.3m

Adequate ventilation is vital for ensuring the air within workplaces & shared spaces is safe. Viruses like Influenza, Norovirus and Coronaviruses can spread through the air via droplets and aerosols (released when talking, coughing or sneezing), potentially infecting other people or landing on and contaminating surfaces. Air filtration devices such as Rediair can help remove these microorganisms and particulates from the air, using HEPA filters. Air filtration devices draw the air through the machine, trap the pollutants within the HEPA filters and blow clean air back into the room, significantly increasing the air quality.

Using portable HEPA filters can reduce the risk of inhaling viable pathogens within a poorly ventilated area. Unlike traditional air filtration systems found in shared spaces, portable air filtration devices give the flexibility to provide clean air where & when needed.

Rediair contains two HEPA 14 carbon filters that are 10x more effective than HEPA 13 filters (the market standard). The nylon pre-filters, composite carbon cloth and HEPA 14 filters capture particulates, expelling purified air back into the room, providing up to 5 air changes an hour within a space up to 120m3. Rediair’s four different operating modes and compact size, allow Rediair to be used almost anywhere, from wards, waiting rooms, retail/hospitality and meeting rooms to small, enclosed spaces like individual treatment rooms. As well as airborne pathogens (bacteria, fungi & viral aerosols), Rediair captures dust, mites, odours, as well as particles such as pollen and other allergens.

Rediair is an extremely subtle air filtration device; ultra-quiet fans and light reduction settings mean Rediair can operate without distraction. While the internal mechanisms are complex, using Rediair is quite the opposite. The smart air quality indicator can read the quality of the surrounding air and start decontamination within seconds of activation.

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