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Streamline pharmacy operations with Brother's reliable printing solutions

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Streamline pharmacy operations with Brother's reliable printing solutions

In today's dynamic pharmaceutical landscape, efficiency isn't just a preference; it's a necessity. Many pharmacies today juggle the critical need to operate efficiently while delivering exceptional patient care. Managing essential printing tasks can often consume valuable time and resources, hindering workflow and impacting patient interaction. 

Brother has vast, specialist-designed printers and technology solutions that work for pharmacies. Our long-standing heritage partnering with healthcare clients enables us to give you the technology that reduces pressure on your teams and enhances your print processes. You can benefit from printers specially designed to work with token printing, label machines that ensure complete legibility, and multifunction devices that handle all of your photocopying and scanning.  And because we offer reliable, high-capacity toners that last longer, you’ll spend less time working on your printer and more time helping patients. Whatever you need, we have the ideal solution. 

The last thing pharmacies need is added complication. Our close collaboration with healthcare software providers allows us to ensure all the technology you rely on works perfectly together.  

Brother is committed to providing tailored solutions that help you streamline operations. Eliminate the time and stress of managing printers with our managed print service (MPS). We analyse your unique usage and print needs to recommend the perfect solution with no hidden costs. Key features include: 

  • Reduced ongoing costs: It’s the cheapest way to get genuine supplies and get complete cost transparency. 

  • Reduced downtime: Consumables are re-ordered automatically when you’re running low, so there’s no running out at the last minute, and no need to shop around trying to find the right toner cartridges. And minimise printer downtime through our lifetime support and maintenance. 

  • Seamless integration: Brother printers seamlessly integrate with major software systems, eliminating printing complexities and streamlining workflows. 

  • Secure printing:  All Brother’s products are ‘secure as standard’, using triple-layered security to protect your network, device and documents. With the peace of mind that comes from secure printing prescriptions, patient labels, and other confidential documents. 

  • Reduce your environmental footprint: Brother MPS includes a free of charge return programme for every toner you use. We ensure that your used supplies are professionally remanufactured or recycled to ensure they do not end up in landfill. We can also provide you with reporting for CO2 saved helping towards your own sustainability goals. 

One of the real examples of Brother's success is evident in their partnership with Day Lewis, one of the largest independent pharmacy chains in Europe, with 2,800 staff and more than 260 pharmacies across England, from Cornwall to County Durham. Day Lewis conducted a comprehensive review of their print management programme, seeking a more robust solution for both prescription printing and reliable, efficient network-wide printer operation.  And Brother provided a comprehensive solution. 

Following a thorough assessment and tender process, Brother’s installation teams deployed 360 printers in pharmacies across the network in over just six weeks. The comprehensive service included hardware installation, service, project management, storage and delivery of consumables. Additionally, Day Lewis staff were also given hands-on training to ensure a smooth transition. Throughout the partnership, the service has evolved to mirror Day Lewis’ growth as a business, resulting in the operation of over 1,000 Brother printers by them. 

Day Lewis experienced the following benefits: 

  • 99% uptime for printers during five years of operation. 

  • Almost 50 million pages printed and 4,500 toners replaced. 

  • 20% saving on print costs across the business. 

  • More than £100,000 saved per year by removing the need for an internal support function. 

“The quality of Brother’s service has been second to none. We never receive any complaints about printing from our staff and - when you consider that we now print more than 20 million business essential documents per year around the country - that’s an impressive achievement.” Head of IT, Day Lewis. 

Day Lewis is just one example of the impact Brother's solutions can have. From national pharmacy groups to independent pharmacies, our commitment to excellence shines through in every implementation. 

Streamline your pharmacy with Brother and unlock new levels of efficiency. To learn more, visit our website and get in touch with our business solutions expert today.  With Brother “at your side”, free your team to focus on what matters most – your patients, not printing. 

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