Paul O’Hanlon in new role as Managing Director at Centred Solutions

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15 Oct 2021

Paul O’Hanlon in new role as Managing Director at Centred Solutions

Centred Solutions Ltd Hall: 4 Stand: B50
Paul O’Hanlon in new role as Managing Director at Centred Solutions
Paul O'Hanlon, MD, Centred Solutions
Paul O’Hanlon has joined pharmacy workflow and automation experts Centred Solutions as the company’s new Managing Director. Paul has had a number of transformational and high profile roles within healthcare - his previous role was Vice President of International Sales for Omnicell but he also has extensive experience with MTS Technologies, Lloyds Pharmacy and the Celesio group (now McKesson).

A pharmacist by profession, O’Hanlon is aiming to use his clinical expertise to reinforce the company’s reputation as a trusted partner of the UK pharmacy industry. With pharmacists playing an increasingly important role in the healthcare market, O’Hanlon believes that Centred Solutions ground-breaking pharmacy workflow, automation and supply chain systems will support and drive change for pharmacies of all sizes across the UK.

Paul O’Hanlon, Managing Director, Centred Solutions: “Our solutions free up the time Pharmacists and pharmacy staff spend on administrative dispensing tasks so they can focus on clinical services, generate greater revenue and compete more effectively. Reducing the time Pharmacists spend on dispensing means they can focus on acutes with the greatest needs, walk-ins, face-to-face services, and improve clinical care. 

“We want to get all pharmacists and pharmacy staff out from behind the dispensary to spend more time on providing face to face patient care and services. Pharmacists are highly trained clinicians who should be utilising what they’ve studied hard and been trained to do. Pharmacists are the linchpin in delivering today’s modern patient care”.     

Centred Solutions integrated systems for scanning, sorting, labelling and bagging repeat prescriptions have been installed in hub and spoke operations at leading multiples across the country. Its fully automated systems are, however, designed to be modular and scalable.

Other changes at Centred Solutions include the appointment of Colin Hardy as Operations Director. A founder and Director at the company, he has a wealth of experience in logistics having worked for over 28 years in pharmaceutical wholesale and retail operations including 24-years at McKesson managing its entire UK wholesale to retail logistics division. 

Colin Hardy joined Centred Solutions in 2017, developing the initial team for the company's development and support of the UK’s first automated central fulfilment hub for original pack dispensing. This early work in centralised automation provided the foundation for development of the company’s FlowRx pharmacy workflow and supply chain integration product and its scalable solutions from instore assembly to automated central fulfilment of prescriptions.

Centred Solutions was formed in 2017 to create innovative, efficient and accurate pharmacy workflow, automation and supply chain integration solutions that help pharmacies improve patient lives. Its scalable solutions are designed for independent pharmacies, regional multiples, large international chains, care homes and hospitals.


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