Supporting market leading self-care in your community

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16 Sep 2019

Supporting market leading self-care in your community


Supporting market leading self-care in your community:

In 2018 the NHS issued new guidance for Clinical Commissioning Groups regarding prescribing for conditions considered to be self-limiting or which lend themselves to selfcare and for items which can be routinely purchased over-the-counter (OTC).1 This guidance encourages doctors to reduce prescribing for conditions such as minor pain and fever, mild dry skin, dermatitis and athlete’s foot, warts and verrucae.

This change in emphasis from doctors prescribing has been driving more and more
customers to pharmacy to get your help in managing minor ailments. At RB, we’re committed to giving your team the knowledge and confidence to make the right self care recommendations. That’s why we’re hosting the Self-Care Zone at The Pharmacy Show. RB is the OTC market leader in several therapeutic categories, with number one brands including Nurofen,* E45† and Scholl‡ in our portfolio. Our series of talks in the Self-Care Zone will use our market leading products to demonstrate what you can implement to stimulate self-care in your own community. We’ll also give you details of the dedicated training and support we can offer your business.

**Nielsen unit sales data L4W 15/06/19. †Nielsen RMS ScanTrack Data to WE 18.05.2019. ‡Nielsen MAT February 2019 Total Footcare Value Sales Total Coverage UK/CC/0419/0011a Date of preparation: July 2019

Visit the RB Self-Care Zone to learn about the major opportunities in key minor ailments:




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