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15 Oct 2023

Timestrip Builds on New Indicator Platform

Timestrip UK Limited Stand: M50
Timestrip Builds on New Indicator Platform
Timestrip's 3 stock electronic time and temperature indicators: Timestrip neo Freeze Alarm, Fridge, and Room Temp
Timestrip has recently added to its neo indicator platform with two new stocked products that can reduce waste for pharmacies managing drug inventories.

The Freeze Alarm is designed for products that are sensitive to freezing such as vaccines and many other pharmaceutical products. The Freeze Alarm provides a visible alert if the ambient temperature drops below 0ºC for 30 minutes; it shows a further alert at 60 minutes.

The Room Temp indicator monitors the range 15-25ºC, and alerts at one hour.

The two new indicators complement the first Timestrip neo product, the Fridge Alarm, which reacts at three temperatures and five time intervals.

All the products check temperatures around twice a minute, and are especially suited to healthcare applications including pharmaceuticals and other preparations. Serial numbers on every product provide for traceability in quality control systems.

Timestrip neo is the latest platform for a range of single use temperature and time indicators that provide highly versatile operation at low cost.

As well as the standard variants, a wide spectrum of time and temperature levels can be specified.

  • Up to six temperature alarm thresholds: from -30ºC to +60ºC
  • Up to five time intervals can also be set, so you know how long your product has been subject to ‘out of spec’ conditions
  • Time and temperature integration (TTI) means that alerts can be triggered sooner at higher temperatures
  • Custom branding presents your brand and products in the best possible light and inspires customer confidence

Accurate to better than 0.5ºC, the electronic indicators have been specially developed to combine ease of use with a very small and light form factor. All Timestrip neo indicators are suitable for pack level monitoring with both time and multiple temperature settings.

Other configurations of time and temperature are available to order – contact Timestrip for details.

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