13-14 OCTOBER 2024

Dr. Wolff's V-san Moisturising Cremolum (Pessaries)

Dr Wolff UK Ltd. Stand: F40

SMOOTH MELTING CREAMY PESSARY Dr. Wolff's V-san Moisturising Cremolum is a unique vaginal dryness treatment. It melts in the body heat within the vagina, forming a cream which exhibits a lasting soothing effect.

HELPS TO PREVENT VAGINAL DRYNESS Dr. Wolff´s V-san Cremolum reduces menopause symptoms of soreness, itching, burning, dryness in the vagina caused by vaginal dryness.

NO MORE PAIN DURING INTERCOURSE Using Dr. Wolff´s V-san Moisturising Cremolum on a regular basis can replace additional intimate lubricants.

HORMONE-FREE Dr. Wolff´s V-san Moisturising Cremolum is hormone free and can be used together with hormone replacement therapy or other with hormone based (oestrogen) vaginal creams or pessaries.

FOR DAILY USE Insert one Dr. Wolff´s V-san Cremolum in the vagina. Dr. Wolff`s V-san Moisturising Cremolum can be used daily. Can also be used during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.



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