13-14 OCTOBER 2024


Pharma °C Stand: F66
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Pharma-box Pharma-box Pharma-box

Pharma – box innovation solves the problem of manipulation of thermo-sensitive drugs and chemical preparations from the manufacturer to the customer or other medical institution. 

The goal is for the customer (the patient) to receive a medicine that, from production to storage, warehouse to pharmacy, hospital or any health care facility, has been stored at the prescribed temperature conditions.

All models come with a touch screen through which the user sets the desired “set point” that wants to achieve in the Pharma-box. According to the defined conditions, the built-in PharmaSense thermostat controls it’s heating and cooling. During the entire transport, precise monitoring and continuous temperature measurement is performed via Pharmalogger probe calibrated by the accredited method at three temperature points according to HRN / EN ISO 17025. The temperature list of each delivery session can be printed via integrated printer. It is also possible to export the data to the Pharmalogger software database via wireless communication (WiFi) when the Pharma-box arrives at the user’s facility, where it is permanently archived. It also alerts the user in case of temperature deviations out of the set limits during the transport of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products.



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