Lipid Formulated Ibuprofen – Improving pain relief choice in pharmacy

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Lipid Formulated Ibuprofen – Improving pain relief choice in pharmacy

06 Oct 2019
There has been very little true innovation in the OTC pain market in general and in the oral joint pain management category in particular for more than a decade. Flarin (lipid formulated ibuprofen) is unique in having been fully developed, with significant investment from a small UK company, from a laboratory concept to a final clinically tested product. Dr Robin Bannister, the scientist who invented Flarin, will give a practical demonstration which explains how lipid formulated ibuprofen is different and delivers important benefits for your customers. Learning outcomes: • To consider when ibuprofen might be the best option for your customers • To see why lipid formulated ibuprofen is different to other ibuprofen products • To understand how the lipid formulation leads to improved efficacy and helps shield the stomach from damage • To know when it might be appropriate to recommend lipid formulated ibuprofen to your customers
Angela Chalmers, GP and Community Pharmacist - --
Robin Bannister, CEO Strategy and Business Development - SEEKACURE Ltd

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