New direction for primary care ?

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New direction for primary care ?

06 Oct 2019
Pharmacy is changing and I strongly believe the future of pharmacy is promising. The new roles appearing in primary pharmacy are exciting and we can play a vital role in freeing up time for General Practitioners in the community and their counterparts in hospital. I am keen to see a strengthened relationship between community pharmacy and GP practices with enhanced roles in Medicine optimisation or medicine Management. Also, important in this climate of austerity is the science of pharmaco-economics which basically translates to the amount of health care we get per pound we spend, and, it is measured in QoLYS (Quality Of Life Years). An increasing number of pharmacists are undertaking the non-medical prescribing coursework; This allows pharmacists to undertake the new roles being created in primary care. It is important that the skills of pharmacists are appropriately used in polypharmacy reviews, to improve patients outcomes, moving towards a patient-centred care model, which demonstrates leadership and the ability to speak up when having concerns or when things go wrong.
Hala Jawad, Community Pharmacist - -

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