Supporting self care: community pharmacy and the consumer medicines industry

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Supporting self care: community pharmacy and the consumer medicines industry

07 Oct 2019

A self-confessed advocate of community pharmacy and self-care, Neil shares his views on why now, more than ever, community pharmacists need to come together in an act of unity to define what makes this industry unique, relevant and irreplaceable in a world that is more fast-paced, demanding and informed than ever. He examines some of the key trends forcing a change in health product consumption and how this has affected an industry already beleaguered by crippling funding cuts before exploring ways community pharmacy can not just survive, but thrive, by capitalising on its key differentiators and embracing a multitude of timely opportunities. These include national government campaigns and initiatives championed by the PAGB, as well as four Perrigo-driven opportunities for pharmacy success, including insights and practical tips revealed by Perrigo’s independent Learning Pharmacy, the only one of its kind in the country.

Neil Lister, Managing Director, UK & Ireland - Perrigo

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