Why is gut health so important for your patients?

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Why is gut health so important for your patients?

07 Oct 2019
Gut health is a growing area with research coming out weekly to show how the gut microbiome is linked to disease. In Mel’s talk she will be going through the below topics: What is the gut microbiome and what role does it play in the body and what can impact it for example stress, travel, antibiotics, age? Understand the difference between pre and probiotics The role of fibre in the diet and why its essential and are people getting enough fibre? How can dysbiosis of the gut effect people Prebiotics can help people with IBS like symptoms Understand the impact of antibiotics and any long term medication on your patients gut health With over 70% of the immune system living in the gut, patients would benefit from learning about how to improve their gut health What is Bimuno and how can this product can help your patients?
Melanie Bulger, Nutrition and Regulatory Manager - Clasado

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