13-14 OCTOBER 2024

Cornells Wellness – The sanitising spray that kills Covid-19.

We realised the issues that many consumers were having with hand gels being sold during the pandemic were that the hand gels were watery, they left an awful residue after use and they had a foul pungent smell of alcohol. During the pandemic, patients and customers needed better and we have found the solution. Our range of Cornells Wellness Sanitising sprays answer all the downsides of regular hand gels, they are an easy-to-use spray which dries within seconds, they don't leave sticky residue or bad smell and as an added bonus, we added vitamin E & moisturisers so they leave your hands feel soft.

In March 2020, Coronavirus was spreading throughout the world causing a huge strain on healthcare systems across the world and damaging economies to the extent of the world wars. 

The whole world was sent into lockdown and major cities like London, Paris & New York had come to a standstill. There were shortages of PPE across the world with governments doing their best to source legitimate PPE with swathes of counterfeit products being sold in attempt to fill the gap in shortages. One of the products that was highly in demand was hand sanitisers. Being from a medical background, hand sanitisers are commonly used in day-to-day practice, however, trying to find hand sanitisers to keep my family and myself safe during the first part of the pandemic was difficult to source and the quality of hand sanitisers was questionable.

We needed a product that could be used conveniently and not only sanitised the hands but left them feeling moisturised and soft. There we found Cornells Wellness, our solution to these issues; it's a convenient spray which can be used on hands, it contains vitamin e and moisturisers to leave your hands feeling soft. We wanted to ensure these products met all the regulatory standards and therefore we have carried out vigorous testing to ensure these sprays kill 99.99% of Bacteria and Viruses including killing Covid-19. The products are fully approved by the HSE & the sports variations are a first of their kind and can be used on sports equipment and gym gear.

Now international travel has resumed, our convenient 100ml sized spray can be taken as part of your hand luggage on airlines and each bottle of spray provides the equivalent of 2.5L of hand gel proving excellent value for money. We have had some excellent feedback from customers visible on our website who are enjoying using the hand sanitising sprays and we are confident your customers will too.

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