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21 May 2018

GPhC to go public with reports

The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) has announced plans to publish its inspection reports. The pharmacy regulator’s chief executive Duncan Rudkin said that this move would take place “once the legal change has been switched on”. He went on to explain that in 2016 the law changed to enable the GPhC to publish inspection reports “but this has not yet been fully enacted”. However, Mr Rudkin added that first a consultation would take place as to how the information should best be presented in order that the public understands it.

Mr Rudkin also announced that the GPhC is considering stepping away from accreditation of support staff training programmes. “Pharmacy is changing and roles are too,” he stated, highlighting that many pharmacies had diversified beyond the traditional retail, counter or dispensing assistant positions. This was covered in the consultation on guidance to ensure a safe and effective pharmacy team that closed in October, said Mr Rudkin, describing how the next step in the process was for the Council to consider the feedback and then decide how the framework should be amended and a likely timescale for implementation.


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