13-14 OCTOBER 2024

09 Sep 2021

How does your Pharmacy Rank Against the Best?

At the Pharmacy Show, take the Perfect Pharmacy Scorecard from Pharmacy Mentor and talk to us LIVE about the results.


What is the Perfect Pharmacy Scorecard?

Over the years, talking to hundreds if not thousands of pharmacists, pharmacy owners and pharmacy service providers, we've developed a deep understanding for what a successful pharmacy looks like.

We developed the Perfect Pharmacy Scorecard so that pharmacy owners, superintendents and pharmacists can quickly gauge where their pharmacy is at compared to the "Perfect" standard.

The Scorecard is in the form of an online quiz, where you simply answer questions about your pharmacy to receive a detailed report on 4 areas of your Pharmacy:

  • Automation

  • Digital Presence

  • Patient/Customer Experience

  • Branding.

Can any Pharmacy be perfect?


Whilst it's possible to score 100% on the Perfect Pharmacy Scorecard, nothing is ever perfect. But that doesn't mean perfect can't be used as a target to aim for.

The Perfect Pharmacy Scorecard simply represents what you want to aiming towards.

Can I take it right now?


In short, no. The Perfect Pharmacy Scorecard is scheduled to be released at the beginning of October 2021, so it will be ready for the Pharmacy Show.

Of course, if you happen to be reading this in October, head over to our website and you can, of course, complete the Scorecard prior to the Pharmacy Show. (We'll still happily discuss your results with you!)

Is it free?


Yes! You need to submit a valid email address so you can be emailed a custom report depending on how you scored. Of course, the report is a great reference point, but the whole point of this article is to highlight the opportunity to talk to us in person at the Pharmacy Show about your results!

The report can highlight general areas and points you need to improve, but it can't explore the specifics of your pharmacy.

Where can I discuss my results with you?


Pharmacy Mentor is at stand G72 on both Sunday 17th & Monday 18th October. We're deliberately tucked away, as we're demonstrating the power of being found online, but you'll find us on the floor plan.


We really look forward to seeing you.

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