13-14 OCTOBER 2024

19 Dec 2023

Make Revive Active Part Of Your 2024 New Year’s Resolution Ireland’s #1 Super Supplement Brand

Make Revive Active Part Of Your 2024 New Year’s Resolution Ireland’s #1 Super Supplement Brand

Revive Active, founded in 2012, has been the #1 VMS brand in its native Ireland for the past 5 years.  You understand how competitive this market is… you understand how great the 9 product range must be.  Make Revive Active part of your success.


At Revive Active, our mission is clear: to simplify health and prioritize nutritional needs.

All good things come in 3s; the three pillars guiding us are Positivity, Purity and Power. Our range of comprehensive super supplements offer health and well-being in each of our formulas with the powdered advantage—convenient for the consumer, most bioavailable, and rich in essential, premium nutrients that work synergistically together.

With a range that covers all aspects of wellness; energy, immunity, cardiovascular health, joint care, cognitive function, the meno journey, kids and even beauty… Revive Active’s range of super supplements address what your customer’s require at a price that provides outstanding value.

Community pharmacies have been at the heart of our success and likewise, we at the heart of theirs. In the UK, we’re proud to have our products listed in Well Pharmacy as well as many independent pharmacies across Greater London…. Including Bliss, Zen, Esthe Clinic as well as the prestigious John Bell & Croyden. We’re now looking to spread our success across the entire UK.


Our Support

As well as enviable margins, low cost minimum orders, launch offers and credit terms, we offer our retailers unrivalled in-store support from a great range of free point of sale, in-store staff training and free sampling events, hosted by our team of nutritionists. Contact for more information and speak to our experienced and knowledgeable team today.

Inclusivity Of Our Products

To ensure sure that everyone, no matter their dietary needs, can enjoy top-notch nutritional super supplements without compromising personal choices, we’ve formulated our products to be gluten-free, halal-certified, and suitable for diabetics. Many of our products are also accredited by The Vegetarian Society offering both vegetarians and vegans products suited to their dietary requirements.


No Matter What Product You Choose

No matter whether you choose to range our entire product portfolio or just a few, we have tenets that hold across all of them.

Super Absorbable: In powder form, super supplements ensure maximum absorption, making the most of every essential nutrient and when mixed with water, get to work quicker!

Super Formula is our defining feature - an intelligent blend of premium, vital vitamins, minerals, and hero ingredients.

Super Effective: Just read our 5* reviews to see the impact that real life customers have experienced. It's the kind of effectiveness that makes the health journey dynamic and powerful.

Super Taste: Who said nourishing your body can't be a delight? Our supplements redefine the taste experience. Refreshing and highly palatable flavours make the journey to better health not just effective but also delicious.


Find Out More About Revive Active’s Range

Whether you want to list Beauty Complex, voted ‘Best Collagen Supplement’ in the Marie Claire Skin Awards 2023, Joint Complex or Zest Active as used by 3 times Olympian, Eilish McColgan or simply want to provide customer’s with all round energy and immunity with Junior Revive, Teen Revive or Revive Active simply contact our UK sales & nutrition team on; or call 0800 901 2152



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