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23 Jun 2020

Natura Medicatrix: Solutions as Innovative as Natural

Natura Medicatrix: Solutions as Innovative as Natural

Natura Medicatrix is a Belgian-Luxembourg company specialized in the development of nutritional supplements for urogenital concerns. They aim to offer solutions as innovative as natural.

Their premium product is FertilHom', a nutraceutical increasing male fertility. The product is already present on several markets including Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Middle East and some Asian countries.

Clinical trials led to an overall increase in sperm quality parameters '

The company conducted a randomized double-blind clinical trial on the effects of FertilHom' on sperm quality on a group of 83 hypo-fertile couples. The study led to an overall increase in sperm quality parameters with a clear effect on male infertility and finally leading to 11 pregnancies out of 42 couples in the active group, representing 26% of positive results. The study supports that a high dietary dose of L-carnitine/ Acetyl-LCarnitine complex, combined with micronutrients and antioxidants, included in FertilHom', increases fertility rates in couples with male factor of infertility.

This study has been recently published in the Journal of Andrology, the leading magazine in this field. The report can be read on d/32330373 or on our website

The second product, Inodys Fertility' is a real breakthrough product for the treatment of women with PCOS.

Inodys is by far the most advanced treatment for women with PCOS'

This innovative Nutraceutical contains a high concentration of Myo-DCI inositol complex, increasing fertility as well as treating the whole of hormonal, endocrinal and metabolic problems encountered by women suffering from PCOS. The product is based on the latest research on the inositol metabolism in PCOS and is by far the most advanced treatment for this and is nearly 300% more active than the current market leader, reducing miscarriages to only 25% compared to the standard treatment.

Their range is completed by a second product for women: Endoway'. This a unique combination of two patented ingredients, Curcumin Longvida' and BroccoRaphin' Activated, which decreases the pain and inflammation associated with endometriosis.

The company will be launching these products for the first time in the UK at the Pharmacy Show. Visitors to the Belgium-Walllonia stand B-70 will meet their team and will be able to discuss the use and benefits of the products further. Flyers, brochures and samples will be available.

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