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28 May 2020

Pharmacists Gear-up for rocketing Face Mask Demand

Pharmacists Gear-up for rocketing Face Mask Demand
RibCap Two-Layer Reusable Face Mask

After extensive scientific deliberation, the Government has now advised on the wearing of a face covering in “enclosed spaces where social distancing is not always possible.” As a result the UK is set for a face mask revolution with consumer-style PPE becoming the norm, just as it has been in Asia for many years, followed more recently by mainland Europe.

According to one leading European face mask manufacturer, Belgium-based RibCap, pharmacists must act quickly to stock up in order to satisfy a rocketing demand in the communities they serve. “We are based in the heart of Europe, and as such saw this coming, so we quickly geared up to produce a premium quality reusable, two-layer face mask that is easy to wear, looks good and is durable,” said James Payne, head of RibCap’s UK operations, headquartered in Bristol.

“People want the convenience of a quality washable face mask and will quickly tire of DIY alternatives. They will see their mask as essential protection and they will want to own a number of them.”

“Our sales in mainland Europe have mushroomed, and now we are ensuring that the UK follows suit by ensuring reliable supply lines,” added Mr Payne. Like many textile manufacturers, RibCap has quickly switched its operations to support unprecedented demand for PPE. The company is an established manufacturer of protective headgear for people with neurological conditions, hence the origin of the RibCap brand name. Now it has branched out to meet demand in the new norm.

Thanks to its technological experience in cranial protection, RibCap was able to quickly develop its new breed of protective face masks and establish new production lines to rapidly increase supply.

“People trust pharmacists with their medical needs so who better than the UK’s primary care network to provide their vital protection against COVID-19. We are working with pharmacists and are ready and able to provide the UK with the stocks the country needs,” added Mr Payne.

RibCap Two-Layer Reusable Face Mask

  • Easy breathing
  • Reusable
  • Washable
  • Full Face Fit: Perfect fit around the nose, mouth and chin
  • Inner Liner | 100% Woven cotton
  • Outer Liner | Micro Polyester
  • Provides good basic filtration
  • Tight weave material with higher gsm provides better filtration

For sales enquiries contact:

RibCap UK

Tel: 01454 285071



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