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16 May 2023

Say P*SS off to peeing on sticks ' the first ever saliva pregnancy test is here!

Say P*SS off to peeing on sticks ' the first ever saliva pregnancy test is here!

Pharmacies and pharmacists have been champions of innovation for decades. They are trusted voices of reason and education for people accessing frontline healthcare and immediate information and treatment. At Abingdon Simply Test', we applaud pharmacists' ambition to adopt new technologies and continue providing access and support to all that need it in our communities.

Abingdon Simply Test' is proud to bring another innovation in rapid testing to market - the first ever saliva-based early detection pregnancy test ' and we look forward to providing pharmacies the opportunity to offer their customers a product that is highly accurate (over 96%), hygienic, convenient, and clinically proven. A truly disruptive innovator: SaliStickTM is challenging the status quo in a market that has been relatively unchanged since 1988.

Abingdon Simply Test' is the only diagnostic self-testing supplier you'll need for your pharmacy. Our tests enable everyone to manage and monitor their own personal healthcare through accurate and easy-to-use self-tests. Get in touch to find out more about our range ' in areas such as male and female fertility, infectious diseases, vitamin / mineral deficiencies, general health & wellbeing ' or to place your next order: /

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