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02 Oct 2023

Unlock a Healthier You with Omnos' New "Change over Time" App Feature

Unlock a Healthier You with Omnos' New

At Omnos they are continuously developing their platform to create tools necessary for monitoring your client's well-being. Change over time is a powerful feature that supports practitioners in better understanding how lifestyle changes are influencing health outcomes.

Omnos’ latest, and most exciting feature, Change over Time, is a powerful feature for practitioners when tracking how lifestyle changes can impact health. This tool provides a window into your body's inner workings to better support and understand the effects practitioner support is having on patients.


The platform now showsyou how a biomarker has changed based on the date it has been tested. Additionally, if any biomarker is due for a re-test, this will also be noted moving forward. Using the Change over Time feature means you can easily track your client's health between re-testing in a more detailed way.


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