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02 Oct 2018

We love surveys

We Love Surveys are a unique digital feedback business. We specialise in point-of-experience feedback, making it quick and simple with our cool feedback tools and instant reporting capabilities.

We have a strong and successful track record working with small, medium and large orgaisations, including the retail and healthcare industries.

But what’s brought us to the Pharmacy Show? We’re already partners with Day Lewis Group, working together on an innovative approach to their patient experience feedback, but we believe we can help other pharmacies, too.

Funding cuts since 2016 have had a dramatic effect – 156 pharmacies have closed between November 2016 and April 2018 with thousands of additional community pharmacies at risk of becoming unviable.

Pharmacies are eagerly trying to discover new ways to remain viable, such as diversifying into different areas, but how many are focusing their attention on their core
strength – their customers?

What if you gave every customer the opportunity to tell you what they liked and disliked about your pharmacy? Not only would it give you information that allowed you to take action and improve your service, but it would actively demonstrate that you care about your patients and their opinions, leading to higher loyalty and repeat custom.

A great consumer experience is crucial in today’s market. It must not be an afterthought. Customers can easily go somewhere else to get the same product at a
comparable price, so the key is making those customers remain loyal to you.

Happy customers buy more. And not only are existing customers more likely to spend more, they’re also easier to upsell to – 10 times easier in fact.

After having a positive experience with a business, 83 per cent of people are willing to refer that company to another person. The relationship between customer service and sales is symbiotic, so why not take advantage of it?

Independent pharmacies are feeling the heat more than most. They’re the ones who need something that’s going make a clear difference to their bottom line, and that’s what We Love Surveys owner Helen Dargie is so keen to demonstrate during this year’s Pharmacy Show.

Helen said: “Having spoken to numerous retail pharmacists, we are seeing a definite shift to appreciating how important the customer experience is in terms of keeping profits stable in the wake of funding cuts.

“Loyal customers will account for a significant portion of pharmacy revenue, and improving services in line with customer needs can only help increase that loyalty and any incremental spending.

We Love Surveys are already demonstrating how effective regular feedback can be through their unique feedback and customer insight partnership with Day Lewis, which has replaced their old fashioned mystery shop measure of customer experience.

“Mystery Shops are no longer reflective of the day to day customer experience’ said Helen. “The reliance on one persons view to define whether a pharmacy is viewed as good or bad is outdated and can be extremely demoralising for the team. Your own customers are the best people to tell you about service in a local context and that’s where we are determined to help.

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