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Wider NHS access to glycemic sensors brings new pharmacy market for patches

Wider NHS access to glycemic sensors brings new pharmacy market for patches

The French 'patch leader' Capteur Protect is currently launching their innovative range in the UK. A solution that keeps glycemic devices in place in all conditions, according to French pharmacists.

Wider access to FGM sensors on the NHS is bringing with it a new market for sensor and pump patches. A patch market dominated in France by the company Sensor Protect (Capteur Protect), who, following their launch success are now introducing their hypoallergenic solution to neighboring countries, notably the Benelux region and the UK.

Proposed by diabetes specialists, and exclusively distributed by pharmacies, Sensor Protect patches for the Freestyle Libre, Dexcom sensors and insulin pumps, are taking the market by storm in France. After two years of research, Sensor Protect has been the subject of a patent and medical device accreditation to launch its sales in March 2021. "Being a medical device is not only a quality guarantee, it allows for the product to be prescribed by endocrinologists and to benefit (in France) from partial reimbursement", explains founder Samir Thevenot, ex-rugby player and diabetic, faced with the difficulty of keeping his blood glucose sensor in place in his sports practices.

In March of this year, new NICE guidelines have recommended wider access to flash glucose monitors for people living with diabetes on the NHS; this happened in France back in 2017, shortly after which the market demand for patches soared.

From the first round of meetings with London's top endocrinologists and lead diabetes nurses early this year, the Sensor Protect solution was welcomed with great enthusiasm. Diabetes nurses in charge of training sessions for CGM/FGM & pump devices are delighted to know they have a solution for patients who struggle to keep sensors and pumps on. Furthermore, the demand for an 'under patch' solution due to a 1 in 3 skin reaction rate* to all glycemic devices, has been a driving force in extending the Sensor Protect range, 'Under Patches' are due to launch in August 2022.

Sensor Protect is currently in negotiations with UK based distributors and wholesalers, but pharmacists can rest assured that small order quantities are available directly from the manufacturer in the meantime, as market demand grows and UK logistics are put in place.

The Sensor Protect team looks forward to meeting UK pharmacists at the Pharmacy Show in October to present their patch range, the solution to a problem many UK pharmacists will be faced with over the next few months.

Should you be interested in sensor protect products either as a pharmacist, for wholesale, or should you have any questions, please contact Kirsty Morgan at: '+33 (0)9 70 51 20 04 .

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