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02 Oct 2018

YorkTest Laboratories are the UK’s leading supplier of food intolerance tests

It is thought that up to 45% of the UK population are intolerant to some kind of food, which could be the root cause of a range of disruptive symptoms. But how do you identify the offending ingredient when symptoms can be delayed for as many as 72 hours?

YorkTest’s renowned solution is the ideal alternative to what can be a laborious and frustrating trial and error elimination diet, as recommended by the NHS.

With a simple home-to-lab blood test, their ISO accredited laboratory analyse a customer’s IgG antibody reactions to up to 208 food and drinks ingredients to identify their personal trigger foods. YorkTest’s team of highly qualified nutritional therapists then provide expert nutritional support to help users safely eliminate these from their diet.

The YorkTest team are excited to be appearing at the Pharmacy Show 2018 to discuss an exciting opportunity with attendees.

“One of our key aims for 2018 is to introduce the benefits of our food intolerance testing to consumers on the high street,” explains Commercial Director, James Callery. “And we believe there is a fantastic opportunity to work with pharmacy teams across the nation.

“We look forward to explaining to everyone at the show how we can not only identify their customer’s intolerances but help their businesses to promote additional products and generate additional revenue through post-test sales.”

One of the keys of YorkTest’s success has been their commitment to research. Unlike many other unproven food intolerance tests on the market, the business’s innovative services have been built on the foundations of scientific research.

YorkTest don’t just say what their services can achieve. They have demonstrated it on many levels. From inspiring customer case studies, clinical trials with sports clubs like Wigan Warriors and Rotherham United, to a York University study of over 5,000 people.

The study was carried out with 5,286 symptomatic subjects who followed a YorkTest guided elimination diet for three months. It concluded that three out of four participants experienced a benefit after cutting out trigger foods.

In addition to the playing staff of rugby and football clubs, YorkTest’s services have also made their mark on the world of athletics. In August 2018, Olympic champion, Sally Gunnell started endorsing the company.

Sally said: “It’s so important to fuel your body correctly as this has so many effects on both your body and mental state.

“I’ve been on a mission to promote health and wellbeing for everybody. That’s why I’m really pleased to be working with YorkTest, who share the same values as I do.

“They want to help people to take steps towards feeling their best, so they can do more of what makes them happy from spending time with their families, chasing their dream career to taking up a new hobby. This is something I fully support. I’m delighted to be the new Brand Ambassador for YorkTest.”

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