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Ankish Patel

Ankish Patel

pharmacist, Nottingham City GP Alliance
I am a Senior Clinical Pharmacist at the Nottingham City GP Alliance and for Grange Farm Medical Centre in Bilborough, Nottingham. I accidently fell into pharmacy due to his pushy chemical engineer uncle, and then proceeded to graduate at Aston University, taking a little longer than the time allocated to do so. After 15 years in the community pharmacy sector, working in a variety roles from LPC representative, branch pharmacist, pre-registration tutor through to regional and professional roles, I decided to be born again as a prescribing pharmacist by completing my IP course with help of NHS England and Bob at Keele University. Over the last two years I have worked as an Integrated Urgent Care Pharmacist at NHS 111 and am currently working as a Senior Clinical Pharmacist at Grange Farm Medical Centre in Bilborough and at the Nottingham City GP Alliance. After recovering from imposter syndrome, I have been involved in launching a new city wide smoking cessation service, city wide Atrial Fibrillation work stream, Opioid de prescribing and hospital discharge project. I am also involved in recruitment and providing mentoring support for the new cohort of primary care network pharmacists across the city and county. In my spare time I double as a football coach and taxi driver for my children, and make as many trips back to my home town of Manchester to watch the Treble Winning Champions of England. I also love reading, travelling, playing chess and dancing the night away. I am passionate about patient care, the pharmacy profession, and inter professional collaboration. I believe in a unified profession, where we are stronger together and weaker alone.

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