Regan McCahill

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Regan McCahill

Regan McCahill

President, British Pharmaceutical Students' Association
I started my BPSA journey as a national representative in 2015, I can honestly say that the Association has changed my life. Not only have I developed the necessary skills and knowledge to now be President, but I have also made many professional contacts and also forged some brilliant friendships. I decided to stand for President in the elections because I truly am passionate about the BPSA, its Executive and its members. I want every single person involved to have an experience like I did, to grow both personally and professionally and to have a great time whilst doing so. I have an amazing team behind me this year, I hope to lead them well so that they can be at the absolute top of their game. I hope to inspire them to think outside of the box, to push past the norms and to believe that they can achieve whatever they put their minds to. By developing new ways in which we work and putting in place support structures, I hope that the executive will end the year stronger and happier than when they went in so that they can give back to all of our members, for by building strong foundations this year, we can inspire the next generations of executive and members to innovate and grow. I hope that my Executive will be the giants upon whose shoulders we stand.

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