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Sunday 07th October
09:00- 17:30

Monday 08th October
09:00 - 17:00


For a £1 charge you can store luggage in the NEC

Located just outside the exhibition hall entrance


Room 18.3, which can be accessed by Hall 18 Visitor


For property lost during the exhibition, please report
to the Organiser’s Office to see if it has been handed
in. Any lost property after the show is passed over
to the Security Office in the Piazza, they can be
contacted on +44 (0) 121 767 3883.


Bathrooms are located inside the exhibition hall at the


If you require first aid assistance, please contact
security or the Organiser’s Office (Room 18.3)


From cash points and toilets to lost property and disabled services, we’ve got you covered.

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Q. When does registration open?

A. Ticket registrations for Pharmacy Show is open in early 2018. However you can put your name on the waiting list and we'll let you know if you have qualified for complimentary passes when registration opens.

Click here to register

Q. When will the conference programme be available?

A. The full program is available here.

Q. Is there a limit on number of registration forms that can be sent? 

A. There is a limit of one registration per person but you are welcome to register multiple professionals under one name. We would prefer to have individual details so we can reach out to each delegate. 

Q. What information do I need to give aside from usual contact details?

A. Your GPhC number, if you are a registered Pharmacist or Pharmacy Technician.

Q. Can I register colleagues?

A. Yes, there is no limit to the number of people you can register.

Q. Is there a charge to register or enter the show?

A. No, it’s free of charge.

Q. Can I register at the venue on the day?

A. Yes you may. However, we recommend you pre-register to avoid unnecessary time queuing to enter the event and to receive vital information leading up to the event. If you register in advance, we will send a badge to you approximate two weeks before the event. 

Q. What will you send me once I have registered?

A. If you register in time, badges will be sent out 3 weeks before the show. If they do not arrive, or if you register late, you can print out a copy of your email confirmation and bring this with you to print your badge from one of the registration machines outside the hall.

Q. How does the CPD work?

A. The Pharmacy Show distributes Record Aid templates for you to complete at the end of each session attended. This allows you to write your learning outcomes as they are fresh in your mind and in doing so enhances your learning process. You can then access an electronic form after the show if you wish to upload this direclty with the GPhC.


Q. Can I bring my children?  

A. No, there is strictly no admittance to Minors or anyone under-18, as we are not covered by insurance.

Q. Are students or college groups admitted?  

A. There is no admittance to pharmacy students other than those pre-registered and members of PDA and BPSA.

Q. Do attendees need to bring business identification?

A. We recommend you bring a business card if you don’t register prior to the event.


CALL WALLACE ON 020 7013 4989 OR CHELSEA ON 0207 013 4997.

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