Exhibitor Products

Exhibitor Products

  • Meet the future of vitamins in the present! ELEVATE YOUR WELLNESS STRATEGY with ALTRIENT liposomal vitamins, the original and evidence-based, performance driven, true liposomal supplements. Altrient u ...
  • Take your nutrition a big step further with the NEUTRIENT range of fast, potent and effective health supplements. Neutrient is an impressive growing range of professional supplements formulated with p ...
  • Fair Value Blister offers an affordable solution to produce blister (MDS, Dosette & compliance aids) within your pharmacy.  With 4 different size options we have solutions to fit all spaces and budget ...
  • PouchPack provides an alternative to the Blister pack for a compliance aid to your customers. Fast, accurate and a flexible solution that customers want the system comes in multiple sizes to suit budg ...
  • Pouch Inspector inspects each pouch checking against size, colour and shape of pills within the pouch. This reduces the workload for the accuracy checker by up to 80%.  A world class system available ...
  • This clinic package enables you to offer travel health risk assessments, vaccinations, prophylaxis and treatments to those in your community.
  • Unlock the full potential of pharmacy services with a single deal for our complete suite of clinical services. Includes over 60 PGD packages covering 150+ POMs.
  • Sintesi is our compact robotic storage system designed specifically for pharmacy use. Sintesi is equipped with a silent electro-mechanical gripper that can help you to perform better in your everyday ...
  • Fully-managed pharmacy websites with a single annual subscription. Get your pharmacy online and start engaging with potential customers.
  • Pharmafocus is trusted by 100's of pharmacies across the UK for their digital marketing needs. We specialise in digital marketing for pharmacy.
  • Gentle Eyelid Wipes by Aqua wipes Value box of Aqua wipes baby wipes 
  • Our soothing aromatherapy blend of 9 essential oils, each carefully selected for its relaxing and calming properties, includes Rose, Frankincense, Sweet Orange, Geranium, Patchouli, Bergamot and Laven ...
  • Intensely nourishing anti-ageing treatment to boost suppleness, moisturise and protect. Contains Vitamin C . All skin types.
  • SpectriMIST™ is created through a groundbreaking process that emulates how the body actually makes HOCL, resulting in an HOCL solution that truly harnesses our body’s natural defense systems with “rea ...
  • Ocusoft Baby Eyelid & Eyelash Cleanser Individually Wrapped Pre-Moistened Towelettes by Ocusoft Baby Mild, tearless formula that gently removes morning gunk and irritants that may contribute to discom ...
  • Bud & Tender premium broad-spectrum CBD cannabis oil is better tasting and more effective; is 100% natural - free from artificial flavours and is 100% legal - free from illegal cannabinoids: THC, CBN ...
  • Formula CannabiGold Vitamin ADEK is a multi-ingredient dietary supplement combining Vitamins A and D from lanolin, Vitamin E from sunflower and Vitamin K from natto with hemp oil. Vitamin A supports t ...
  • Formula CannabiGold Vitamin D 3 is a dietary supplement, combining Vitamin D 3 obtained from algae with beneficial hemp oil. Vitamin D supports the immune system. It contributes to the correct absorpt ...
  • Formula CannabiGold Bliss is a multi-ingredient food supplement in which we have combined extracts from lemon balm, hops and bitter orange. We used 100 kg of lemon balm to produce 1 kg of extract. Lem ...
  • Formula CannabiGold Vitamin K 2 is a dietary supplement combining Vitamin K 2 obtained from natto with beneficial hemp oil. Vitamin K helps to maintain healthy bones and contributes to normal blood cl ...
  • Formula CannabiGold Shield is a multi-ingredient food supplement in which we have combined extracts of echinacea, sea buckthorn and rosehip. We used 141 kg of echinacea to produce 1 kg of extract. Ech ...
  • The Locate a Locum Marketplace (Locum Booking) solution allows you to access 16,000 locums looking for temporary and permanent work eliminating staff shortages and potential financial penalties. 
  • UK   Distributor  of   Plasters  &  Bandages  for Retail.  Suppliers  to Wholesale  & Retail  Groups. Contact  John  D. Murray 07850-423533
  • Locate a Locum Workforce Management solutions function as powerful tools to improve pharmacies.  
  • Welcome to MedPoint.  We offer British Engineered integrated and standalone 24/7 automated prescription collection systems.  
  • To help you develop your career with LloydsPharmacy, we are offering £6,000 relocation bonus for a number of our qualified pharmacist vacancies. From delightful coastal towns to cities steeped in hist ...
  • Florisene is a clinically supported supplement shown to help women with Chronic Telogen Effluvium (excessive & persistent hair shedding). CTE affects 4.8 million women in the UK and research involving ...
  • The UK's best selling UK manufactured CBD infused gummie available in 10mg or 25mg per gummie from 10 in a jar to bulk sales. www.dushey.co.uk

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