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Show News

  • Read what exhibitors and delegates had to say about the show.
  • GPhC to go public with reports

    21 May 2018 Training Matters
    The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) has announced plans to publish its inspection reports. The pharmacy regulator’s chief executive Duncan Rudkin said..
  • Antibiotic education

    21 May 2018 Training Matters
    Pharmacies have a crucial role to play in educating customers about the common cold and tackling  antimicrobial resistance, especially when it comes to customers asking for antibiotics, so said Profes ...
  • QPS stats demonstrate excellence across sector

    21 May 2018 Training Matters
    Community pharmacy’s response to the quality payments scheme (QPS) has been excellent, England’s deputy chief pharmacist told the Pharmacy Show. Bruce Warner detailed several highlights from the April ...
  • The much-discussed – and sometimes contentious – changes to pharmacy supervision cannot be put into place until dispensing errors are decriminalised, so said Ade Williams, superintendent of Bedminster ...
  • Discover messages from Community Pharmacy to the Government!
  • In the near future approximately seven million patients will be able to get advice from a clinical pharmacist when they visit their GP, thanks to NHS England’s clinical pharmacists in general practice ...
  • Focus on hypertension

    21 May 2018 Training Matters
    The opportunity for community pharmacy teams to step in and support people with hypertension is huge, especially as drug adherence is so poor, said Liam Stapleton, pharmacist and managing director of ...
  • On the 8th and 9th of October, more than 2,407 pharmacists took advantage of meeting with manufacturers, distributors and retailers from the mobility and independent living sector to find potential ne ...
  • Revalidation to reduce CPD burden

    21 May 2018 Training Matters
    The pharmacy regulator is to introduce a “little and often” approach to CPD alongside an improved technology platform that will make it easier to submit records for review,
  • A significant proportion of people from the UK currently seek no health advice before travelling abroad due to a lack of awareness of, and access to, comprehensive health support. 
  • The wait is coming to an end and the registration for The Pharmacy Show will open registrations in two weeks. The event will once more champion the pharmacy profession and invites all to come together ...
  • We are delighted to present to you: Tejal Patel, Pharmacy Manager for the NHS COVID-19 vaccination centre, Newham based at ExCeL London. Tejal and her team had only a short amount of time to plan this ...
  • The PDA's Education Hub is an online platform that provides FREE training to members. It was launched in August 2020 with a programme of support for the newly developed cohort of ‘provisionally regist ...
  • At Cardiff University's School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, we have an international reputation for the quality of our teaching and research and we are among the leaders in clinical skills ...
  • Skills 4 Pharmacy has been providing outstanding pharmacy apprenticeship training since 2015, delivering high-quality training programmes that help further the careers of pharmacy technicians and phar ...
  •   Consumers are generally becoming more and more aware of the need for self-care and management of a range of uncomfortable conditions. Eyes are most often neglected unless uncomfortable, irritating s ...
  • At RBforHealth we’re committed to helping pharmacies become more competent and confident experts in healthcare. So, we bring you the most up-to-date, accurate and relevant information on common condit ...
  • The RPS Mental Health and Wellbeing Survey 2020 The goal of the 2019 survey was to get a clearer picture of the mental health and wellbeing of pharmacists nationwide, helping the RPS inform their poli ...
  • The new requirements for the education and training of support staff will ensure they continue to have the necessary knowledge, fulfil the technical requirements and provide sufficient support to Phar ...
  • Moving on from nearly two years of the most challenging of times for community pharmacies, the moment has come to re-focus on growth and the development of the business. But whilst investment in the f ...
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is the most common functional gastrointestinal disorder, affecting approximately 20% of adults in the UK1. IBS is being increasingly attributed to changes in the bacteri ...
  • Q - Why should you attend the “Unlocking leadership potential and tackling the wellbeing crisis through self development and positive psychology” session? Are you suffering professionally or personall ...
  • We realised the issues that many consumers were having with hand gels being sold during the pandemic were that the hand gels were watery, they left an awful residue after use and they had a foul punge ...
  • Sales of PPE, along with Covid testing has opened up a whole new business lines for pharmacies. This has not only increased their appetite amongst pharmacies to acquire smaller operators  but also mad ...

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