13-14 OCTOBER 2024

Advisory Board

Meet the Advisory Board

Introducing our advisory board for the Pharmacy Show 2024! This advisory board, along with individual research calls and conversations, helps us to shape a conference programme that is timely, relevant and useful for our attendees.

They also help us to ensure we are sharing the learning, and updating you on the latest policy detail, in the most beneficial way.

We’re always keen to hear more, so if you would like to contribute to the shaping of the Pharmacy Show in 2024, do get in touch with our content lead Agnes at

Agnes Jacobs

Shilpa Shah

North East London Local Pharmaceutical Committee

Shane Costigan

Shane Costigan
Pharmacy Dean - Regional Head of Pharmacy Workforce, Training and Education

NHS England

Clare Smith

Clare Smith
Lead Pharmacist

Learning Development Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education

Paula Higginson

Paula Higginson
Head of Learning Development

Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education

Yousaf Ahmad

Yousaf Ahmad
Chief Pharmacist and Director of Medicines

 NHS Frimley - Frimley Health and Care ICS

Zoe Long

Zoe Long
Director of Communications, Corporate and Public Affairs

Community Pharmacy England

Agnes Jacobs

Judy Misra
Acting Chief Executive

Community Pharmacy Wales

Agnes Jacobs

Graham Stretch

Primary Care Pharmacy Association

Agnes Jacobs

Alison Hemsworth
PhD Researcher

Independent Consultant

Gareth Jones

Gareth Jones
Director of External & Corporate Affairs

The National Pharmacy Association

Agnes Jacobs

Vikki Furneaux
Manager, Pharmacist IP, PCN Community Pharmacy Lead

Monkbar Pharmacy

Agnes Jacobs

Matt Barclay

Community Pharmacy Scotland


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