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  • Healthy Living TV Pharmacies are at the forefront of delivering patient information. Providing a vital service to their communities ensuring they play a major part in the nation’s health and wellbeing ...
  • The rise of Covid-19 has brought with it a monumental shift in communication across the globe. From family and friends to the professionals we turn to such as therapists and coaches – the way we inter ...
  • As we celebrate Pride month and reflect on global events of the past year – the inequities that exists in society and the often-catastrophic impact on those affected have never been more evident in re ...
  • Tackling race inequality

    11 Jun 2021 #PDAbame
    Inequality and discrimination have always been an issue in pharmacy and in wider society. Since the murder of George Floyd in the United States by an on-duty police officer raised the profile of insti ...
  • The pharmacy profession has always played an important role in our daily life. When COVID-19 hit, the importance got even bigger.
  • The demand for pharmacy services during the pandemic has been unprecedented. What could you be doing right now to safeguard your wellbeing and that of the team around you? Watch the webinar Learn abou ...
  • The goal of the RPS Mental Health and Wellbeing Survey 2020 was to shed more light on issues like the mental health and wellbeing of pharmacists nationwide and developing much needed support strategie ...
  • Spring is well and truly here. The sun is out, clocks have gone forward, kids are back in school, pubs and restaurants are open outside and restrictions are slowly lifting. So perhaps online education ...
  • The RPS Mental Health and Wellbeing Survey 2020 The goal of the 2019 survey was to get a clearer picture of the mental health and wellbeing of pharmacists nationwide, helping the RPS inform their poli ...
  • And whilst this is a very general sweeping statement, it is also VERY true! Ask yourself, do you know any pharmacist that isn't stressed and/or buckling under the crippling workload and expectations o ...
  • From community pharmacy on the frontline to hospital pharmacy in Australia, pharmacist graduate Richard Thomas (now Editorial Director at publishing company (Communications International Group) knows ...
  • Why is it that pharmacists suffer with so much stress? Is it just the demands of the job or is there more to this?
  • To celebrate International Women's Day 2021, we wanted to shine a light on a special woman making waves in the Pharmacy sector. Enter stage right - the incomparable Lelly Oboh. Lelly is a passionate C ...
  • Meet Liz Fiedler, the President for Association of Pharmacy Technicians UK (APTUK) and learn more about her journey as a leader in pharmacy.
  • Without putting in the effort to improve and/or maintain employee satisfaction and motivation, your business suffers for a couple of reasons: you face higher turnover and your team doesn’t treat clien ...
  • One of the positive things we can take away from the COVID-19 pandemic is the amount of education that you can now access from the comfort of your home.'
  • 6 Tips for Instant Stress Relief at Work

    22 Oct 2020 Isabelle Perlman
    When you're stressed, it can feel like the weight of the world (and the practice) is on your shoulders.'
  • Pharmacy professionals who have a registration renewal deadline between 1 September and 31 December 2020 will only need to submit a reflective account when they renew their registration. They will als ...
  • New CPD Training this Autumn

    01 Sep 2020 RBforHealth
    A new series of free CPD webinars starting in September and October 2020 : At RBforHealth we’re committed to helping pharmacies become more competent and confident experts in healthcare.  
  • CloserStill Media, organiser of the Pharmacy Show, has taken the decision to postpone The Pharmacy Show 2020. The 2020 event will now take place on Sunday 17th October & Monday 18th October 2021 at th ...
  • Hala Jawad: The Pharmacy Show Webinar

    13 Aug 2020 Hala Jawad
    The pharmacy show webinar was a great opportunity to share my views especially during the pandemic and the importance of health and safety in pharmacy which I am passionate about.
  • When did you realise this was a Black Swan event? For me, it was the end of February, whilst making a thorough survey of the local tapas in Barcelona[1] and hearing the news from Italy. We spent the n ...
  • It’s widely recognised that a plant-based diet is a significant risk factor for vitamin B12 deficiency and those following such a diet are advised to supplement with vitamin B12, alongside vitamin D a ...
  • Amid the ongoing pressures relating to Covid-19, it feels like an odd time to be celebrating birthdays, but July has represented the first birthday of primary care networks (PCNs). 
  • Community pharmacy has been at the frontline of the response to COVID-19, and the sector has faced several challenges. Hutchings Accountants discussed these challenges and how the market for pharmacy ...

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